A few of the top 'Advertising Networks' are as follows.

Terms :

CPA is Cost Per Acquisition; CPC is Cost Per Click. CPM is Cost Per 1000 Ads Displayed

Adsense from Google

  1. Google Adsense : Grand-daddy of contextual advertising. (CPC)

Adsense Alternatives

  1. Chitika : Shopping mall banner advertising. (CPC)
  2. AdBrite : Ad marketplace for publishers and advertisers. (CPC); 75% payout.
  3. Advertising.com : Large network. (CPA)
  4. 24/7 RealMedia : Large network. (CPM)
  5. Burst Media : Large network. (CPM)
  6. Commission Junction : Large network. (CPA)
  7. Kanoodle : Large network. (CPC); 50% payout.
  8. LinkShare : Large network. (CPA)
  9. ValueClick : Large network. (CPM)
Latest Buzz
  1. Linkworth
  2. WidgetBucks: Widget Ads

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