Adsense has some High Paying Keywords which always pay you more than the average and if you add these keywords to your articles you can instantly improve your Adsense revenue.

Some current examples of the highest-paying keywords from Google Adwords are as follows:

$74.16 Austin DWI
$69.98 Criminal
$67.15 Car Insurance Quotes
$67.08 Auto insurance Quotes
Los Angeles Criminal Attorney
Orange County Criminal Lawyer
$62.70 Life insurance
San Diego DUI Attorney

We have written articles on these keywords that you could just copy-paste and use for your site.

For more click here: InsuranceCounty

The Google Adwords tool was released in early 2006 and is your best resource for finding the top matches. Just type the information into the Keyword Variations phrase-per-line box, and ask it to 'Get More Keywords.' You can choose to return results on cost, negative keywords that could have an impact on your program, and even look at global search volume trends showing which month a particular set of keywords was most popular.

Complete List...

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A few of the top 'Advertising Networks' are as follows.

Terms :

CPA is Cost Per Acquisition; CPC is Cost Per Click. CPM is Cost Per 1000 Ads Displayed

Adsense from Google

  1. Google Adsense : Grand-daddy of contextual advertising. (CPC)

Adsense Alternatives

  1. Chitika : Shopping mall banner advertising. (CPC)
  2. AdBrite : Ad marketplace for publishers and advertisers. (CPC); 75% payout.
  3. : Large network. (CPA)
  4. 24/7 RealMedia : Large network. (CPM)
  5. Burst Media : Large network. (CPM)
  6. Commission Junction : Large network. (CPA)
  7. Kanoodle : Large network. (CPC); 50% payout.
  8. LinkShare : Large network. (CPA)
  9. ValueClick : Large network. (CPM)
Latest Buzz
  1. Linkworth
  2. WidgetBucks: Widget Ads

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Online advertisement is catching up very fast and has seen a big spurt in the last few years.The first and the foremost thing is that you have to be an online publisher. Then you can earn by displaying advertisement on your site or a blog. There are several advertisement platform available which connect an advertiser to a publisher. Publisher is given JavaScripts which they have to place on their site. These script contains the publisher id so as to track him and the ad displaying logic. You can choose your own ads or you might let the script choose them(ads are chosen based on your content).

Some of the best advertisement networks are:

Google Adsense

Adsense is perhaps one of the most predominant program available on the net.
The main reason for it's popularity is trust. Every likes Google and trusts it. But there are many problems associated with Adsense like suspension of account and stringent Terms & Condition.


Chitika is a popular pay-per-click advertising program similar to Google AdSense.

With Chitika eMiniMalls, webmasters are given a generous amount of control. Ads can be easily customized to display specific products or product categories in non-contextual mode, or highly relevant contextual ads based on your page's content.

The minimum payout rate is only $10 and payments are sent via Check or PayPal. Payouts this low are rare! With Google AdSense the minimum payout is $100.

So if you're looking for an excellent Google AdSense alternative with lots of control - choose Chitika!



WidgetBucks features pay-per-click shopping widgets that help customers make money fast. They instantly display the most popular products based on buying trends of 100 million shoppers. Their widgets see $3-$6 CPM — pretty good compared to traditional ad networks that deliver less than $2 CPM



The best thing about Adbrite is the payment rate is lowest in the industry 5$ i.e. you can cash-out as soon as you touch this mark. This is probably one of the best google adsense alternative available. Also, it has lot of different formats for displaying ads e.g. 'inline ads'

Some of the features of Adbrite are:



LinkWorth is one of the web's largest and most innovative marketing portals.
Their products consist of text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads, hosted content pages, article submission, directory submission and many more.


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How do you earn online? How do you make money while surfing? I blog, How can I earn? These are just the few questions among thousands. Answers? Probably thousands more!

But what really works? Probably somethings do and other things don't. Breaking this confusion I've decided to fine-select the best of the 'money making' programs of all.
These things are tested either by stood by the testimonials of millions (oh really?)of their users.

Money making programs can be broadly categorized into:

  • Affiliate Network
  • Internet Ads.
  • Paid To Click (PTC programs)

Affiliate Network

Affliates or Associate earns by sending visitors or customers that is by generating sales. This is probably the most lucrative of the programs as sellers pay a fix commission to the affiliate. e.g. Amazon-Associates.

Internet Ads

If you are a blogger or a web-master you can earn lot of dough by displaying ads on your blog or website. A lot of different models are there of internet advertising e.g. CPC, CPM etc. Google Adsense is on such program which enables webmasters to earn.

Paid To Click

PTC is perhaps the easiest way to earn money. It doesn't take a computer genius to do it even a novice can do this. What you do is you sign for a PTC program and they serve you with ads which you have to click. Sound simple isn't it?

We will discuss each one of these in greater details in the following posts.

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