How do you earn online? How do you make money while surfing? I blog, How can I earn? These are just the few questions among thousands. Answers? Probably thousands more!

But what really works? Probably somethings do and other things don't. Breaking this confusion I've decided to fine-select the best of the 'money making' programs of all.
These things are tested either by stood by the testimonials of millions (oh really?)of their users.

Money making programs can be broadly categorized into:

  • Affiliate Network
  • Internet Ads.
  • Paid To Click (PTC programs)

Affiliate Network

Affliates or Associate earns by sending visitors or customers that is by generating sales. This is probably the most lucrative of the programs as sellers pay a fix commission to the affiliate. e.g. Amazon-Associates.

Internet Ads

If you are a blogger or a web-master you can earn lot of dough by displaying ads on your blog or website. A lot of different models are there of internet advertising e.g. CPC, CPM etc. Google Adsense is on such program which enables webmasters to earn.

Paid To Click

PTC is perhaps the easiest way to earn money. It doesn't take a computer genius to do it even a novice can do this. What you do is you sign for a PTC program and they serve you with ads which you have to click. Sound simple isn't it?

We will discuss each one of these in greater details in the following posts.

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